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24 Hour AC repair Houston Heights 77007 77008 Midtown 77004 Galleria 77055 77056 77057

Many HVAC components will fail due to normal wear and tear, but with proper tender love and care you will have an air conditioning unit for a long time. To prevent a 24 hour emergency service call. Capacitors vary in life expectancy. The brand of the capacitor can make a big difference in how long the capacitor will last. There are heavy duty capacitors that last longer than lower quality capacitors. Since your ac unit runs 24 hours a day, the capacitor is running continuously. Most capacitors fail when the temperature is really hot outside when max pressure and strain is on the unit. The compressor works much harder on a hot day, that puta a big load on your capacitor. There is also a big difference in which state your ac unit is located in. In Houston Heights Midtown Galleria, the average summer temperature is 95 degrees, wherein states like Florida the average summer temperature is 91.5. That 3.5 temperature increase in Houston will cause much more capacitor failures. When capacitors start to go bad, they start to bulge and expand. The excessive Houston heat causes an expansion in the capacitor. The 24 hour stress that is put on these small metallic parts is tremendous. These capacitors under normal stress conditions can last you between 10-15 tears old. The make and model of your Houston Heights 77007 77008 Midtown 77004 Galleria 77055 77056 77057 air conditioner unit do make a difference in your capacitors life. An Air conditioning equipment manufacturer of high quality makes a huge difference in how often you need 24 hour emergency service in your HVAC unit in Houston. All the parts and materials make a significant impact on how well the performance will be on your ac unit. An aluminum coil will work much better than a copper coil, and a high-efficiency system will cool better than a generic unit. In Houston you should have a quality unit, with the summers reaching a high temperature, it is best to avoid a 24 hour emergency service repair.

AC Repair Houston Heights 77007 77008 Midtown 77004 Galleria 77055 77056 77057

Another critical component that works 24 hours a day is your contactor. The contactor is like the breaks in your car. When your thermostat calls for cooling your contactor energizes and turns on your outdoor unit, called the condensing unit. If your contactor fails it can be an emergency. The contactor is what powers your compressor and condenser fan motor. If your condenser fan motor stops running while your compressor is on, you can blow out your compressor. The compressor requires the fan motor to be on at all times. Reliable 24 hour operation of your condenser fan motor is critical for your outdoor condensing unit. Severe damage can occur to your compressor if your fan motor is not operating 24 hours a day. The oil in your compressor starts to cook and begins to turn to turn into black glue. The oil in the compressor starts to lose its integrity and burn out yourHouston Heights Midtown Galleria compressor. 24 hour operation of your furnace is critical. The furnace is primary purpose is to supply air throughout your home. If the proper volume of air is not circulating throughout your furnace, your evaporator coil will freeze. The evaporator coil is responsible for cooling and dehumidifying your home 24 hours a day. There is also an emergency drain pain underneath your evaporator coil just in case your air conditioning unit decided to leak water. If your air conditioner starts to leak water, it can be a huge emergency. The condensation from your evaporator coil can cause your ceiling to collapse. It is important to remedy this problem as soon as possible. Your sheetrock in your home will begin to rot if this problem is not taken care of promptly.

HVAC Repair Houston Heights 77007 77008 Midtown 77004 Galleria 77055 77056 77057

A dirty filter creates many 24 hour emergency service calls. In Houston alone, the dirty filter has caused many Houston Heights 77007 77008 Midtown 77004 Galleria 77055 77056 77057 homeowners a/c service calls. The dirty filter is the most common reason why service calls are placed. A dirty filter can cause short term and long term air conditioning damage. Short term damage, would a frozen coil. You then would have to defrost and replace the filter to get cooling again. Long term damage would be getting your evaporator coil clogged up. A dirty evaporator can cause all types of complications in your HVAC cooling system. A dirty evaporator coil can cause compressor slugging. Compressor slugging is when liquid refrigerant enters the compressor without turning into a vapor. The refrigerant needs heat to make a change of state from liquid to vapor before it enters in your compressor. If your evaporator coil is frozen the freon in your coil won’t change state, and all of the systems oils travel to the coldest place in the refrigeration cycle. As a result, when the refrigerant enters the compressor, there will be minimal amounts of lubrication protecting the compressor pistons. Once your evaporator coil gets dirty, you will have to get it professionally cleaned. The cleaning is called coil cleaning. The coil cleaning consists of strong chemicals to remove the debris from the coil. There are two methods you can apply when cleaning a coil. You can clean the coil in place, or you can have the coil professionally removed. If your coil is the attic, it could be a problem cleaning your coil. Some a/c companies won’t even remove a coil from your attic. You might have to have the coil cleaned in place. Cleaning a coil in place in the attic can be a messy situation. Depending on how dirty the coil is in the attic will determine how messy the cleaning will be. When cleaning a coil in the attic you should have the appropriate cleaning instruments at disposal. You should be using a wet vac & air pump sprayer. You should only use the minimum amount of water and chemical for the cleaning. If your dirty coil is in a closet or garage the job will be much easier. When coils are in the garage, you can quickly clean the coil in place. Getting water on the garage floor is usually not a problem for theHouston Heights Midtown Galleria homeowner. To remove the coil from the actual housing, you will have to use a blow torch to disconnect the coil from the copper lines.