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24 Hour AC Repair Houston

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24/7 Emergency AC Repair Houston




Before you schedule a 24 hour ac repair Houston service, there are a few things a Houston homeowner can check before planning a 24 hour emergency air conditioning & HVAC service. Most single-family Houston Heights Midtown homes have their furnace in the attic. It’s essential to know what kind of safety features your air conditioning unit has installed. Not every HVAC comes equipped with standard protection even when it is installed new. It can get quite chal lenging to troubleshoot which safety devices to check when multiple sensors have been installed. Your most common emergency fail-safe device is your emergency float switch in your condensate drain pan. The condensate drain pan is located directly below your evaporator coil. If your primary drain pan in your evaporator coil clogs up, most of the condensation will fall in the emergency or secondary auxiliary pan. An excellent location to look for your emergency float switch is in the external drain pan. The pan is usually constructed of galvanized metal. It protects your Houston Heights Midtown Home in the event there are HVAC plumbing problems in your Memorial Galleria River Oaks home air conditioning condensate system. You may also find emergency devices installed in your PVC pipes. The easiest way to check if you emergency switches on your pipes is to check if you have any thin wires connecting to them. These wires are connected to a circuit that interrupts the 24 volt low voltage circuit. The 24 volts is produced by your transformer. The transformer’s function is to provide the essential 24 volts to your entire HVAC system. There are also low voltage safeties in your outdoor condensing unit. These fail-safes are called low pressure & high-pressure pressure controls. These sensors protect your air conditioning system in the event your ac develops a refrigerant problem or a malfunction in heat removal. If your ac unit develops a refrigerant leak, a 24 hour ac repair in Houston is recommended. It is not wise to operate your air conditioning system with low levels of freon. The freon circulates throughout your HVAC system and even cools down your compressor during regular operation. Running your Houston Heights Midtown HVAC with low levels of refrigerant can result in compressor damage. Compressor damage is often the result of not having the proper ac repair houston service technician.